Animal Tail Butt Plugs Review

Butt plugs are gaining extensive popularity nowadays. If your sex life is a tad boring – or even very dull – either through a partner or masturbation sex, it is time that you should consider throwing in an animal butt plug to stir things up. Wondering what makes the butt plug so special? Well, read on.

As one achieves an orgasm, the anal muscles contract involuntarily. People confess that the contraction, spasming or pulsing lasts anywhere between 3 to 15 seconds, depending on the strength of the orgasm experienced. When you have something blocking your anal cavity during this pulsing, you experience more nerves stimulation and a higher intensity of an orgasm. It is what the butt plug does for you. The long and short of it is that a butt plug is a sex toy you place in the anal cavity and leave it in place with little in and out motion.

Butt plugs are typically conical shaped that start small but gently increase in size. Plugs usually have a slimmer bottom section with flared base for added safety. Designed for anal play, butt plugs gently stretch the anus, stimulating both the internal and external nerve endings. Before using a butt plug, it is important that you use a specialist anal lube for added slipperiness for insertion.

You can use an animal tail butt plug in any play you fancy. Whether you are male or female, all you do is put the toy in place and let it sit. You have the freedom to kiss, touch, lick and have sex while the toy is inside. If you are more into masturbation, just leave the toy in and pleasure yourself in multiple ways. If you love role-playing, then you will love the extra pleasure offered by this selection of some of the best animal tail butt plugs on the market.

Fox Play: Utimi Wild Stainless Steel White Fox’s Tail’s Butt Plug

The Utimi steel white fox tail butt plug comes just about as sexy as a plug should be. At first glance, it looks like a ball of white fur so nobody, apart from yourself, has any clue what it is. The stainless steel butt plug can feel cold if you do not warm it up before inserting it. In addition, the butt plug is modestly sized making it the best animal butt plug for beginners to start. Beyond the butt plug, you will find a beautiful and soft tail. Once you insert the plug inside, the tail softly drapes over your legs and butt increasing your sexual experience tenfold.

Despite the fact that the plug has fur, the tail is incredibly easy to clean, but you have to be careful to remember to wipe the cap clean after use. Do not throw it in the washer if you want to last longer than a few months. The business end is easy to clean, using water and soap or toy cleaner. The entire toy measures about 3 inches long and using some lube can make it easy to use. On insertion, the hang hangs out at 9 inches and does not loose shape or become flat.

Puppy Play: Master Series Dog Tail Butt Plug

This plug comes complete with a curled tail, a flared base and swelled head. If you are in the mood for some puppy fun tonight, then this is the ideal plug that will guarantee your partner will be a little puppy. To make the tail realistic, it is made of a flexible and firm rubber with the swelling head to help it stay in place. Role-playing will change once you use this plug. The dog tail butt plug is about 15 inches long with about 3.5 inches insertable length with a diameter of 1.8 inches. The tail is about 11 inches.

Have fun tugging and wagging for pure, simple pleasures. However, for first timers, the bulb size can quite intimidate although its shape does help.  Once you get it in, it does feel comfortable. The perfectly slippery surface makes it easy to insert and can be worn for longer periods unless you want to take it out. The filling size of this plug adds to the arousing feeling while wagging or having an orgasm.

Bunny Fun: Sex Baby Small Size Butt Plug Stainless Steel Metal Butt Plug

The bunny small size butt plug is a delight to see in use. The stainless steel business end slides right in with ease, and the result is a little bunny bushy tail. If you combine this plug with your favorite bunny outfit, you are set for a remarkably pleasurable and sexually charged experience. This butt plug is easy to clean. All you need is your favorite toy custodian for the stainless steel end, or you can just go simple and use water and soap. However, you do have to be careful not to soil the bunny tail as you are using it.

Available in pink, white and blue, the bunny butt plugs business end is 1.1 inches wide and 2.8 inches wide. It will inevitably spice up your sex your life. The bunny puff end is the right size to make a woman or man look lovely. When using this plug on your lover, you are getting the best of both the erotic and aesthetic appeal.

Animal butt plugs are great alternatives to using in-and-out motion anal penetration, which is sometimes overwhelming since you feel filled up, without dealing with friction. If you are particular about what goes up your bottom side, animal butt plugs are a great way to take part in the fun without worry. The caps are not designed to be move-in-and-out sex toys. If you are just beginning your exploration, it is important that you remember anal pleasure does take some bit of experimentation. If the first plug you use does not turn out to be a great experience, consider trying another one on a different day. Everybody responds differently to pleasure every day, so another day may be all that you need. Take it easy and have orgasmic fun with this animal butt plugs.